quasimode shined in the Japanese Club jazz scene. After 3 years of silence, the two who have played the rhythm section are in action again.

While having jazz background, quasimode incorporates rhythms of hip hop, house, and drum'n'bass. Their sweet melody on a variety of rhythm variations has a completely unique vibe of new jazz.

▶須長 和広 Bass(写真:左)



quasimodeにてEMI / Blue Noteからオリジナルアルバム4枚のフルアルバムをリリースし、作曲やアレンジも担当。


Kazuhiro SUNAGA Bass (pic:left)

Born in Tokyo, grew up with respect to UK/US rock music, soul and oldies, started playing bass since 14 years old.

After learning from the bassist Satoshi MIYASHITA, played at many bands before releasing 4 full albums as a songwriter and arranger of quasimode.

Currently supports many artists.


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▶今泉 総之輔Drums(写真:右)



2009年quasimodeに加入。BLUE NOTEからのオリジナルアルバム4枚に参加。また、日本屈指のヒップホップグループ『THINK TANK』主催イベントEL NINOに出演、BLACK SMORKER RECORDSからも音源をリリース。ILMARI(RIP SLYME)率いる THE BEATMOSSメンバー。

またjazz界の重鎮 土岐英史氏から鬼才スガダイローTRIOやウィリアムス浩子まで、伝統からの現代を模索する音楽家。

Sohnosuke IMAIZUMI Drums (pic:right)

Born in Aomori, grew up with influences of skating and hip-hop at US army base nearby.

In 2009, joins quasimode and releases 64albums since Blue Note,

Played at “El Nino” organized by Japanese hip-hop legend Think Tank, released tracks from BLACK SMORKER RECORDS.

Supports many famous artists including The Beatmoss by RIP SLYME’s ILMARI, Kohei OTOMO, Sowelu、mink、Serina, in FAM step at their recording and live shows.

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